RICHARD M. JONES, Rich holds multiple vital roles within Paramount (formerly ViacomCBS). He serves as the Executive Vice President, General Tax Counsel, where he leads the Company's global tax practice. His responsibilities encompass tax planning, strategy, operations, risk management, litigation, government relations, and legislative endeavors, guiding the Company in these crucial financial matters. Additionally, Rich played a pivotal role in the senior leadership team that facilitated the re-combination of Viacom and CBS, making him an instrumental figure in the Company's evolution. Moreover, Rich takes on the esteemed position of Chief Veteran Officer, demonstrating his deep commitment to honoring and supporting veterans and their families. He initiated and leads the Paramount ViacomCBS Veterans Network, overseeing all veteran and military-related initiatives and programming. His dedication ensures that the sacrifices made by our nation's veterans are forever remembered and honored. Rich's distinguished service as a U.S. Army Ranger (Retired) exemplifies his dedication to both his country and his professional endeavors, making him an invaluable asset to Paramount and a source of inspiration for others.

J. SCOTT DI VALERIO Scott's impressive career spans various strategic executive roles, including CEO, COO, and CFO, across a diverse range of industries. He has demonstrated his leadership prowess in technology, consumer product, and direct-to-consumer subscription businesses. Some of the renowned companies he has served include FabFitFun, RetailMeNot, Outerwall (Redbox, Coinstar), Lenovo, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Company. His vast experience and expertise in navigating these dynamic sectors have undoubtedly contributed to his remarkable success as an executive.

CATHERINE DAWSON Catherine is the General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Osano. She has an extensive background representing technology companies on various privacy-related matters. Prior to joining Osano, Catherine was Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel at Spiceworks through its acquisition by J2 Global and formerly as an attorney with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. She received her JD from NYU School of Law and holds the CIPP/US certification.

MIKE FERRITER Lt. General Michael Ferriter, U.S. Army (Retired), holds the prestigious position of President and CEO at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum. In this esteemed role, Lt. General Ferriter spearheads the establishment of a cohesive national community and funding platform for the Museum. His exceptional communication skills are put to use as he articulates the mission and vision of the Museum to Veterans, active military personnel, donors, partners, and other vital stakeholders. With great dedication, Lt. General Ferriter aims to create a unifying space, a community gathering place, where not only Veterans and members of the United States Armed Forces, but also the general public can come together. At this sacred venue, they can collectively celebrate the profound service and selfless sacrifice rendered by our esteemed Veterans. His vision is to honor and recognize the invaluable contributions of those who have served, fostering a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation throughout the nation..

TAYLOR MOORE Taylor Moore, is the talented author behind the captivating Garrett Kohl thriller novel series, which includes the enthralling titles "Down Range," "Firestorm," and "Ricochet." Hailing from a rich Texan heritage, Taylor is a sixth-generation Texan who spent his formative years on a farm and ranch northwest of Houston, cultivating a deep appreciation for the land and its people. Taylor's career has been equally impressive and diverse. He previously served as a CIA Intelligence Officer, gaining valuable experience in both analysis and operations. Later, he lent his expertise to the Department of Defense, where he provided consultations in areas such as Theater Security Cooperation, Force Protection, and Counternarcotics. Currently, Taylor resides in the scenic Texas Panhandle, cherishing life with his wife and two children. Having transitioned into a new chapter of his life, he now wholeheartedly dedicates himself to writing, screenwriting, and engaging as a speaker. "Down Range" marks his remarkable debut novel, setting the stage for a thrilling series featuring the charismatic character, Garrett Kohl. With his vast experiences and creative talents, Taylor Moore promises to be a rising star in the world of literary fiction, captivating readers with his gripping storytelling and profound insights.



JC GLICK JC's remarkable journey spans over two decades of dedicated service in the U.S. Army, where he held the esteemed position of an infantry officer. Throughout his illustrious military career, JC's focus primarily revolved around Special Operations and Special Missions Units, and he valiantly undertook more than 11 combat tours.

Upon retiring from the military, JC seamlessly transitioned his innovative and unconventional perspectives on education, leadership, and resilience into the private sector. As a sought-after consultant, he has lent his expertise to Fortune 500 companies, the NFL, and esteemed professional sports teams, including the Denver Broncos, the Carolina Panthers, the Washington Football Team, and the Charlotte Hornets.

JC's intellectual contributions have left an indelible mark on the world. He authored two thought-provoking and groundbreaking books: "A Light in the Darkness: Leadership Development for the Unknown" and "Meditations of an Army Ranger: A Warrior Philosophy for Everyone." These works have been widely embraced by major corporations such as the NFL and Microsoft, as well as organizations like Gallant Few. The books have earned endorsements from eminent figures in the realms of education, business, and the military.

His exceptional achievements have been recognized with numerous accolades, including 3 Bronze Stars, 3 Meritorious Service Medals, a Joint Commendation Medal, and the prestigious Order of Saint Maurice. Additionally, JC has been inducted into the University of Rhode Island ROTC Hall of Fame, an honor reserved for the most distinguished individuals. Furthermore, he is a proud Liberty Fellow, affiliated with The Aspen Institute and the esteemed Aspen Global Leadership Network.

JC's journey exemplifies the spirit of courage, wisdom, and dedication. His invaluable contributions to various spheres of life continue to inspire and shape the lives of many.



SETH RYAN Seth's impressive background includes distinguished service with the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. Beyond that, he brings a diverse set of experiences to the table, having served as a former U.S. Marine, Oklahoma City police officer, and exhibiting his expertise as a Private Security Contractor for the Department of State. His extensive and varied career reflects his dedication to service and the valuable skills he brings to each role he undertakes.